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Re: Доступ к фидо-ресурсам из интернета

От Vladimir Fyodorov (2:50/15) к Ruslan Demidow

В ответ на Заголовок предыдущего сообщения в треде (Имя Автора)

Разнообразно приветствую тебя, Ruslan!

08 Августа 2009, Ruslan Demidow писАл к Vladimir Fyodorov следующее:

RD> А где можно посмотреть в сторону поднятия гейти из фидо в интернет на
RD> сайте?

= RU.FIDONET.TODAY (2:50/15) ==================================================
From : Dmitry Gaivoronsky 2:5054/8.97 Сpд 29 Июл 09 17:08
To : Vadim s. sabinich
Subj : Где взять WebBBS?
Ohayou gozaimasu, Vadim.

22 июл 2009, 12:57: Eugene V. Subbotin -> Vadim s. sabinich...

vss>> субж.
EVS> Примерно здесь:
EVS> http://lushnikov.net/wfido/
EVS> Или здесь:
EVS> http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpfidonode/

Или даже здесь:

Meltdown BBS is a free, web-based Bulletin Board System written entirely in
PHP, which allows message and file exchange, and is compatible with
Fidonet-technology networks.

Meltdown BBS utilizes a MySQL backend for its database needs. It is easy to
setup, and is customizable with multiple HTML template sets and languages.

It comes with Meltdown BBS Utilities - a collection of scripts that can help
with maintenance tasks and convert messages between the MySQL database and Fido
*.MSG message areas to provide support for Fidonet-technology networking.

BBBS is a fullfledged BBS system which incorporates all of your needs for
setting up your own BBS. BBBS contains full Internet and Fidonet support.
Fidonet messages and Internet news and email are embedded together with a
versatile WWW-based, offline and online message reading system.

BBBS is easy to customize to suit every need imaginable. It is configurable
also from the user's point of view. There are hundreds of 3rd party utilities
available, mostly coded with BBBS's C-alike script language.

MBSE BBS for Unix is a full multiline FidoNet(r) mailer, tosser and bbs with
ANSI screens which looks like most popular DOS based bbs packages. Features:

--8<-- скип --8<--

Full FidoNet(r) mail support.
Automatic routing for node/hub/host systems, manual routing is available.
Internal mail format is JAM (c) messagebase.
TIC file support including extended TIC files and long filename support.
Netmail <--> email gateway.
Echomail <--> news gateway.
Can send messages in *.msg format.
Support for UUCP newstransport.
Nodelist diff processor and compiler.
Filefind (Allfix) and newfiles announce utility.
Allfiles list utility.
Maintenance programs for file- and message areas.
Post utility to automatic post messages.
HTTP and FTP support for download areas.
NNTP support so that registered users can use echomail with a news client.
Macro templates to create a personal look for posted messages and html pages.

Sayonara... Dmitry.

PS. Это из FidoNet Software Reference в англоязычном FidoNews,

Всяческих благ. Искренне Ваш, Vladimir Fyodorov, эсквайр.
... Hе спи, не спи, любимая, замерзнешь!

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* Origin: Esquire Station (2:50/15)

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