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Re: this echo / эта эха / tiu chi mesaghujo

От Eric Pozharski (2:463/94.101) к Aleksej Serdjukov

В ответ на Заголовок предыдущего сообщения в треде (Имя Автора)

with <MSGID_2=3A5020=2F1042.42=40fidonet_4c9f3b10@fidonet.org> Aleksej
Serdjukov wrote:

AS>>> Is this echo worth keeping?
AS>>> Maybe we should remove this echo and move to ENGLISH_TUTOR and

EP>> Who are those "we"?

AS> Those who are subscribed to this echo and check the new messages
AS> although in most cases they are just copies of the echo rules. Less
AS> than a year and a half ago some people actually posted messages,
AS> but every one of them participated also in ENGLISH_TUTOR.

That seems that on the span of 18 monthes "we" has changed to "they".
Where is that ENGLISH_TUTOR, btw?

Torvalds' goal for Linux is very simple: World Domination
Stallman's goal for GNU is even simpler: Freedom
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Заголовок следующего сообщения в треде может быть длинным и его придется перенести на новую строку

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Или коротким

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