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Hello All!

Залит PSI/(1977)_Horizonte

Отличная бундесовая джаз-роковая команда, которая выстрелила один раз в 70-х.
Сказать, что она "канула в Лету" было бы несправедливым, по крайней мете потому, что главная движущая сила группы - клавишник Маттиас Фрей - жив, здоров и является автором нескольких дисков и музыки к нескольким кинофильмам.
Стиль группы - "классический немецкий" джаз-рок - техничный, ритмичный, без изысков.

PSI biography

PSI is a classic defined German band formed in 1975, consisting of five musicians: Matthias Frey as keyboardist and vocalist, Volkmar Zimmermann as guitarist, Bodo Feldmann as bassist Robert Jahn as drummer, and Wilfried Junkler as saxophonist (also mentioned as percussionist). Frey is a more prominent artist, by solo works and collaborations in the genre, Trilok Gurtu or Wolfgang Tiepold being top personalities with whom he played or made music.

PSI's referential style is jazz-rock, typical for the German influence, drawing on the Bavarian School of Missus Beastly, Passport, Muniu, taking however the progressive rock angle through some Kraan-like methods. Keen on an artistically music and satisfied by their improvisation impulse, the band shows class and distinguishes memorably. Receptive to ideas and forms, but never estranged by their personal style, warm and comfortable in the end by music flow, by melody arrangement, by maturely shaped harmony and by an uplifting sensation. The routines of the band members (the implied musicianship, of course), their originality and spontaneity together with elaborated compositions make PSI a richly varied and captivating listening experience.

Other style impulses are around the corner, but it's mainly the impression of being diverse. Thus the guitar works seems to speak for themselves. Psi have also been, at first, a krautrock addition. Outside the German possible encouragement, there are small moments to make you think of deep rock.

Their "Horizonte" accomplishment stands as the sole movement and, even more, their exposed history. As little is known in words, music tells the story, creates the impression and gives the focus on the essential. Released in 1977, it summarizes a long and distinct tempo and gives the succinct, but complete sense of two and half years music effort. Solitary but strong, it affirms itself better than the sometimes too often vast but vague. In quality and in refinement, everything played within the album is of a natural mood and an un-shadowed pleasure.

Psi won't be the best word: one album, one expression, soft complexity in a singular fashionably sense, a rarity and an individuality. If there is however something to demonstrate regarding that, it's that music counts and that the particular can mean much more than expected - at least in a contrast with the popular, the enlarged, the characteristic. Strong tone, mature consciousness and interesting spur - that makes it recommended.

(c) Victor "Philip" Parau (aka Ricochet), PA

Jazz Rock/Fusion, 1977
(c) Review by Mellotron Storm, PA

With the sheer amount of Jazz Rock and Jazz Fusion albums released in the late seventies it's almost like getting woken from a sleep when a gem like this shows up. I'm so much more into consistent records over ones that have a lot of highs and lows. I'm also a huge electric piano and bass fan and man both are incredible on here. A five piece band out of Germany this was their sole release from 1977 after playing and jamming for almost 3 years prior. The keyboardist is the sole composer here and we also get sax and guitar with the sax being the more prominent of the two. How about that album cover! I mean this should be on a classic Krautrock album shouldn't it? One of the more inventive and freaky pieces of art I've seen. I mentioned I like consistent albums, well when all the tracks are good with no weak links I would say this fits the bill. I can't even pick a top three, they're all so good. The bass player is credited with vocals but it's just a yell on the shortest piece on here. This is all instrumental. We get some spoken word samples to start "Breikopf" but other than that it's all about the amazing instrumental work. Love these compositions.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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