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35 Tapes

От Michael Baryshnikov (2:5023/24.3243) к All

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Hello All!

Залиты альбомы 35_Tapes:

Совершенно замечательная норвежская прог-рок-группа!
Играют такой олд-скульный прог 70-х. Смесь Генезиса и Кэмэла.
Любители меллотрона будут в полном восторге, любители "латимеровской" гитары тоже.
Первый диск мне понравился больше, хотя второй, скажем прямо, совсем не хуже.

(c) 35 Tapes biography, PA
Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2018

35 TAPES started in Oslo by Morten LUND (guitar, keys, vocals) and Jarle WANGEN (bass, guitars, vocals). They wanted to put some groovy 70's style of drums on their music which lead up to the hiring of drummer Bjorn STOCKKLAND. The band has the chance to have the support of Robin Morterson and the Apollon Record Label. They were joined by keyboard player Jo WANG and drummer Andreas ERIKSON from BEL CANTO to play the album on stage. The music is heavily influenced by the symphonic prog rock of the '70s, especially by GENESIS and CAMEL.

Lost & Found
35 Tapes
Symphonic Prog, 2019
(c) Review by Progfan97402, PA

It might seem strange any band would name themselves 35 Tapes until you realize that's the amount of tapes inside a Mellotron M400. Since these guys indeed use Mellotron and plenty of it that they're named 35 Tapes. These guys advertise that they're not for virtuoso showmanship and instead go for a nice blend of symphonic prog that emphasizes the melodic side of it. Guitars from Morten Lund and Jarle Wangen that reminds me of Andy Latimer for electric leads and of Anthony Phillips during the more acoustic pastoral moments. Morten Lund provides also tons of analog keyboard like various synths and of course Mellotron. Bjørn Stokkeland provides drums and right away your notice he isn't trying to show off. I though another Norwegian band Jordsjø seemed pretty modest but 35 Tapes more so. Despite all those there are only four cuts, one that takes up side two and none of this overstays their welcome as the music is full of emotion and inspired playing. Really well worth your time.

35 Tapes
Symphonic Prog, 2021
(c) Review by Second Endeavour, PA

Two years on the heels of their excellent debut release, 35 TAPES crank out a sophomore album 'Home'. As was to be expected, it's a quality teamwork, where the instrumental prowness and heartfelt singing communicate very well. In terms of musical approach, Norwegian band recreate the vibe of the early-to- mid 1970's, that stands in stark contrast to the 'fury' of modern prog-rock scene. Imagine a melange of Camel and Genesis - this can give you a flavour of what to expect here. It is all about details, construction and embodiment. I also hear aesthetics of Yes to some extent. The other influences or references are less notable. Actually, 35 Tapes represent a delicate hybrid, rather than a blatant copy. Based on the old-school ingredients, the six original compositions use a sonic palette that fits in mellow symphonesque prog, packed with goodness. Everything is underpinned by a sense of melody, while the music moves through different areas for comfortable feel. To conclude, one minor remark about new disk. My own personal wish would be for the band to provide a multi-part epic here, giving the set an extra dimension. Either way, CD 'Home' is a pleasant album and well worth a try.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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