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Hello All!

Залит RaneStrane/(2020)_Wall

RaneStrane aka RanestRane - это итальянская группа, которая то ли сочиняет, то ли переигрывает музыку к "классическим" фильмам 60-70-х, типа Носферату или Космической Одиссеи. Я не слышал, но возможность послушать есть.
Тут немного другое - "классика рока" - Стена Пинкфлойда.
Мне понравилось.
Они не пытаются клонировать Флойд, они очень аккуратно, не портя исходный материал, играют свою версию альбома. Есть даже несколько мест, когда задумываешься: у кого получилось обыграть лучше.
Вот думаю послушать их другие диски, начну, наверное, с трилогии Спейс Одиссея. Кто-нибудь уже слышал?

RanestRane biography
Founded in Rome, Italy in 1998 - Still active as of 2019

The aim of the musicians involved in this project was to compose and perform a rock-opera, so they chose a famous Werner Herzog's film, "Nosferatu The Vampyre", and commented it with music and original lyrics. They started their live activity in 2000 and conceived their shows as a "cineconcerto", with the images of the Herzog's film flowing in the background. In 2006 they released their rock-opera on a self-produced studio album, a double CD called "Nosferatu il Vampiro", and they have continued with works based on "The Shining" and "2001: A Space Odyseey". They also have a live video, probably the best way to experience them as artistically envisioned. The present line up features Maurizio Meo (bass), Daniele Pomo (vocals, drums), Massimo Pomo (guitars) and Riccardo Romano (keyboards). Among their musical influences you can find bands like Goblin, PFM, BMS, Genesis, and Marillion, to name a few. Incidentally, the band makes up a large part of the reorganized Il Rovescio della Medaglia.

(c) [Todd], PA

Ranestrane is known for his cover work on rock opera such as Noferatu or Kubrick's space odyssey. In the middle of the year, they are attacking the cover of the cult Pink Floyd album, namely the legendary "The Wall". They added two songs to this accasion telling the true story of Roger Waters' father himself during WWII; titles which do not denote in any way with the titles of the flamingos, more atmosphere "The Final Cut". They also included an extract of the song by Vera Lynn, worthy heroine of the concept album as an intro with the sound of the helicopter in the background. The interest of listening and buying this album is due to the fact that Ranestrane has allowed himself with a lot of daring to invert certain original titles, to rework their duration to surf on the Pink Floyd spirit while adding in fact different atmospheres and sounds. The instrumentations during the intros have been reworked and leave on soft, limpid and luxuriant atmospheres. The sound is less aggressive than the original, more in the sensitivity, the meditation as for the title "Mother" or "One of My Turns" stretched and introspective; the "In The Flesh" would almost make forgotten the original on the other hand for its freshness, its spontaneity, its grandiloquence. "Stop" and its post-spatial variation may also disturb you for the better. The fact of having its own few titles and the inversion of the original titles with respect to the major work of the floyds gives the real impression of living a "The Wall" bis more than 40 years later. So we will say that this is only a recovery, yes! So we will say that the original there is no better, yes and no! This Ranestrane album is just worth the trip to dive back into your younger years because even if the prog is getting younger, you are just going to jump back into the past of almost half a century in which you risk coming back all weird.

(c) alainPP, PA

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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