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Hello All!

Залиты диски Aliante:
Весьма неплохая новая инструментальная прогрессив-рок-группа из Италии.
Играют, как понятно, РПИ, но с уклоном в британский прог, возможно - в старый Генезис и ЭЛП.
Приятная, мелодичная, красивая музыка. Первый альбом мне понравился болше, чем второй, хотя второй и состоих всего из двух вещей - семи-частной заглавной композиции и короткой коды.
Весьма рекомендую!

Aliante biography
Founded in Coltano, Italy in 2017

ALIANTE (meaning 'Glider' in English) is a new Italian instrumental band with the same bass/keyboards/drums set-up as legendary Italian progressive groups such as LE ORME and TRIADE. While this particular project is new, Aliante share a history with Nineties Neo-Proggers EGOBAND, with two of its members - bassist Alfonso Capasso and drummer Jacopo Giusti - joined here by Enrico Filippi on keys. September 2017 saw the release of their debut album 'Forme Libere', where a symphonic and romantic sound dominated by lush keyboards is given a thrilling and constantly joyful modern interpretation, making it one of the most exquisite instrumental discs of the last few years.

(c) Biography by Michael Hodgson (Aussie-Byrd-Brother), Italian Prog Team, PA

Forme Libere
Aliante Rock
Progressivo Italiano, 2017
(c) Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother, PA

In Aliante, there couldn't be a more appropriate name for a new Italian prog band! Formed out of parts of Italian Neo- proggers Egoband from the Nineties, Aliante translates to 'Glider' in English, and that couldn't be a better way to describe the way their instrumental music soars to great heights on their colourful and joyous keyboard-dominated 2017 debut 'Forme Libere'. Despite being another of those bass-drums-keyboards trios that pop up in progressive music once in a while, Aliante rarely sound like Emerson, Lake and Palmer (the group usually instantly associated with that kind of set-up), instead they closer resemble parts of Le Orme and a wide range of the old RPI guard with their flamboyant symphonic approach, and this endlessly melodic first effort is a sonic treat to the ears of prog-rock fans, Italian or otherwise.

After a spoken word introduction, 'Kilowatt Store' is a peppy, high-energy and infectious proper opener, packed to the gills with Enrico Filippi's spiralling Hammond organ and sparkling piano runs, backed by Alfonso Capasso's grumbling bass and Jacopo Giusti's punchy drumming constantly driving the piece forwards. The first stand out moment, 'Tre di Quattro' begins as an elegant and deeply moving solo piano showcase before expertly building into a flurry of wig-out keyboard soloing and wild thrashing drum tantrums in the proud tradition of both legendary Italian proggers Goblin and Le Orme at the their symphonic grandest.

'Etnomenia' alternates between mellow percussion-driven ambience over lightly jazzy piano ruminations and tougher strident bursts, and 'Kinesis' is a shorter joyful and victorious theme that joins with 'Coda: Marea 03's swooning Mellotron lifts and runaway drumming. One of the more retro inspired spots of the disc, the near-nine minute 'L'ultima Balena' is a extended suite of reprising little themes - striking classical piano flourishes laced with the pomp of endless Italian prog classics past one moment, Genesis-flavoured Moog runs and regal synth themes. Album closer 'San Gregorio' then makes for an impossibly pretty farewell, carried largely by the most romantic and embracing of piano playing, sweetly murmuring bass, nimble snappy drumming and delirious synth noodling, and the classical fancy that permeates the piece ends the disc in luxurious fashion.

Running a welcome vinyl length of around forty-seven minutes which ensures it will be easy to re-spin often, here is an album that basks in its soloing-heavy proudly 'proggy' heritage without being a mere uninspired or lazy vintage remake. 'Forme Libere' calms and dazzles in equal measure, is intelligent instrumental music with endlessly memorable themes and full of warmth, colour and movement, and it's an album that reveals Aliante to be a group of talented musicians of restrained skill and great taste. More please in the near future, gentlemen!

Sul Confine
Rock Progressivo Italiano, 2019
(c) Review by prog_traveller!!, PA

Aliante is an Italian instrumental band and they released their second effort called Sul Confine in 2019. After the release of their first album Forme Libere in 2017 they had big shoes to fill being that this album was one of the best prog albums of the year.

From the first tones of the album -Viaggio nel Vento- I emmediatly knew that this will be another fantastic prog ride. Smooth keyboard dominates at the beggining featuring soft bass lines and great drumming. All of this combined makes this a realy fantastic journey trough tranquility base.

Metzada begines with a nice piano only to introduce fantastic rithm section and Hammond that will emidiatly take you to the grand sounds of symphonic/heavy prog. It is amazing how much brilliance this song delivers. This three piece band really composed a fantastic prog album.

The sound is flawless. The performances of all players are full of color and life and it's followed by a constant change of atmosphere and tempo. By combining various styles of prog and jazz they made this piece an unforgettable ride and an album that will speak to every lover of music.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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