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John Hackett & Nick Fletcher

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Hello All!

Залит John_Hackett_And_Nick_Fletcher/(2018)_Beyond_The_Stars

Джон Хакетт - это младший брат Стива Хакетта из Генезиса. По музыкальному образованию он флейтист, но кроме того играет на хреновой туче разных других инструментов да ещё и поёт.
Ник Флетчер - гитарист, который считает своим учителем вот того самого Стива Хакетта...
Думаю, всё понятно? Ну, вот - нет.
Музыка представляет собой классический английский прог, если кратко, то - Генезис плюс Пинк Флойд. Это ОЧЕНЬ здорово, несмотря на то, что вокал Джона совсем-таки не роковый, не яркий, не мощный, а весьма аккуратный, своеобразный и деликатный.
Мне очень понравилось, надеюсь, что и вам понравится тоже.

John Hackett & Nick Fletcher biography

John HACKETT - A British flute player born 13 March 1955, the younger brother of Genesis guitarist Steve HACKETT. He also plays guitar, bass, bass pedals and keyboards. He started performing and recording with his brother, and making guest contributions to albums such as Anthony PHILLIPS' "The Geese And The Ghost". On the classical side, he played with The English Flute Quartet and the Westminster Camerata. Since 2004, John focused on releasing solo albums. In 2005, Checking Out of London was a neo-progressive album co-produced with Nick Magnus, and with the lyrical contribution of Nick Clabburn. This was followed by a sophomore effort in the same style, Another Life (2015), with the aforementioned collaborators, and his brother Steve contributing guitar. Supporting the release of Another Life, a band was formed with John (guitars, keys, vocals), Nick Fletcher (lead guitar), Duncan Parsons (drums, percussion, vocals) and Jeremy Richardson (bass, guitars, vocals). They started to perform as the John Hackett Band in 2016, being their live debut album We Are Not Alone released in 2017, followed by their first studio effort Beyond The Stars (2019), credited now to both John hackett and Nick Fletcher.

Nick FLETCHER - An English guitarist born in Sheffield, 1960. He started to play at the age of 12, and by 1976, inspired by Steve Hackett, Jan Akkerman and Steve Howe, Nick moved to the classical guitar and, impressed by the legendary Andres Segovia, he get serious about the instrument, so he studied for three years with David Taplin at Huddersfield School Of Music, where also became interested in jazz masters, such as Ralph Towner and Bill Connors, and started to write music. By 1980, Nick met Dave Bainbridge (Strawbs, Iona) and they put together the band Plan B. They also played together in a jazz fusion band called Staircase. Later he formed another fusion band called Trivial Pursuit. By the 1990s, the classical guitar was again the main musical focus for Nick. By 2016, however, he was back to prog-rock and fusion quarters with the John Hackett Band.

(c) Eduardo Dib, PA

Beyond the Stars
John Hackett & Nick Fletcher
Crossover Prog, 2018
(c) Review by Heart of the Matter, PA

When listening to a new album by a new band, you may expect a certain correspondence between the singer's voice, and the overall sound of the instrumental group. In this particular case, however, we find a rather delicate vocalist (John Hackett) in the context of a band that can get really electric from time to time.

Just listen to the opener to get the picture of what I'm saying: the thing starts with an almost heavy riffage by Nick Fletcher, and then the vocals kick in, wrapped in effects to ensure their presence in the mix. The result is great to my ears, even when it's not "classic", that's to say, there are no epic vocals riding over the band's proceedings. They rather contribute strategic brushes on a pair with the traverse flute, and the electric & acoustic guitars.

The overall sound of the album fluctuates (in a very natural and likable way) from Jazz-Rock/Fusion to Neo-Prog. If you want to taste the instrumental contributions of the flute and some electric guitar soloing, try track 3, A Time In Place. For more traditionally constructed songs, please go to tracks 6 and 8, Mist On The Lake & Sign Of The Times.

An album made with taste and talent by a dedicated group of musicians.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

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