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John Abercrombie

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Hello All!

Залит John_Abercrombie/(2015)_First_Quartet

Ещё один альбом этого выдающегося джазового гитариста, к сожалению, недавно покинувшего этот мир.
ЕСМ выпустила фактически бокс-сет "Первый квартет" под именем Квартет Джона Аберкомбри, он включает в себя три диска 1979-81 годов, "акустического периода" Джона.
(1979) Arcade
(1980) Abercrombie Quartet
(1981) M
Музыка сложная, но спокойная, можно сказать "почти чилл-аут".
Микель, тебе и Свете должно понравиться, мне же ближе его "электрические" альбомы.

(c) John Abercrombie biography, PA

John Laird Abercrombie - 1944-12-16 (Port Chester, New York, USA) - 2017-08-22

Jazz critics will argue the JOHN ABERCROMBIE is the guitarist of his generation who has pushed the boundaries of improvisation, whilst relating to the traditions of jazz. However, ABERCROMBIE has equally been at home with jazz rock fusion having a style that places him readily amongst the top ten jazz rock guitarists. His importance has been shown through the release of a number of classic recordings under his own names and as a collaborator especially through the 70's and 80's, and then again working with Hammond organist DAN WALL in the 90's. As one of the main artists recording for the ECM, he has been allowed to mature independently as a true jazz musician and during this time not be shy using new technology to add to the old. He is quoted in Jazzit: Carrying on the tradition of jazz guitar from CHARLIE CHRISTIAN and DJANGO REINHARDT to the present day is a very important aspect of my music. I'd like people to perceive me as having a direct connection to the history of jazz guitar, while expanding some musical boundaries which may not always involve the guitar itself.'

Born 1944, JOHN ABERCROMBIE grew up on the East Coast of the USA, picking up the guitar from the age of 14. Interested in playing the guitar as a serious instrument he enrolled at Boston's Berklee College of Music, during which time he worked with other students, playing local small venues as "your standard guitar-organ-drums set up." In the late 60's he toured with organist JOHNNY HAMMOND for weeks at a time, playing as some serious jazz night spots in NYC - that relationship has continued to this time. During the late 60's, ABERCROMBIE met the BRECKER BROTHERS who were involved in a burgeoning New York jazz rock scene. From this early collaboration, ABERCROMBIE was invited to play with DREAMS, and is to be heard on the band's debut album released by Columbia.

Following graduation from Berklee in 1969, ABERCROMBIE moved back into New York City full time, becoming in the subsequent few years an in-demand session musician, recording with GIL EVANS, GATO BARBIERI, BARRY MILES and many other artists. He also became a regular with CHICO HAMILTON'S group. It was as the guitarist in BILLY COBHAM'S post-'Spectrum' band that ABERCROMBIE first began attracting widespread attention among the general public. The group maybe considered an expanded version of DREAMS, that recorded in short order COBHAM's 'Crosswinds' 'Total Eclipse' and 'Shabazz' albums. As a result ABERCROMBIE found himself part of a touring group travelling the rock circuit, playing large concert halls and arenas, along side the likes of the DOOBIE BROTHERS. Nevertheless, doubts crossed ABERCROMBIE's mind as to whether this was what he wanted to do.

As luck has it, ABERCROMBIE soon ran into Manfred Eicher at the Montreux Festival, who invited him to record an album for ECM. A seminal jazz rock album 'Timeless' resulted, receiving virtually unanimous critical acclaim for the original trio work with JAN HAMMER (unusually playing Hammond) and JACK DEJOHNETTE (drums). Collaborations with both musicians were to continue, the most notable being the trio, plus MICHAEL BRECKER, rejoined for 'Night'. 'Gateway' was released in November 1975; marking the first collaboration between ABERCROMBIE with DEJOHNETTE and bassist DAVE HOLLAND; ABERCROMBIE can be heard here as the leader and improviser with a straight jazz group. A second GATEWAY recording was released in June 1978. In 1979, ABERCROMBIE formed his own quartet, which included pianist RICHIE BEIRACH, bassist GEORGE MRAZ and drummer PETER DONALD, making three recordings: 'Arcade', 'Abercrombie Quartet', and 'M'. Through this period JOHN ABERCROMBIE (like Metheny was to become), was equally at home in main straight new jazz as jazz rock fusion.

As is typical of the label and its artists, ABERCROMBIE has recorded with many other ECM artists; the most significant collaborations must surely be with drummer JACK DEJOHNETTE (ABERCROMBIE appears on all of DEJOHNOTTE's 'Directions' and 'Now Directions' albums) and with fellow guitarist RALPH TOWNER. ABERCROMBIE and TOWNER's 'Sargasso Sea' was released in 1976 with 'Five Years Later' in 1982 (an unusual mix of acoustic guitar - TOWNER - played as a duo with electric guitar - ABERCROMBIE) - a collaboration first heard on record on HORACEE ARNOLD's 'Tales of An Exonerated Flea' (1974).

ABERCROMBIE's career with ECM Records has been marked with subtle changes of direction, whilst the range of recordings reflects a broad and deep range of influences and innovations, clearly not inhibited by vague boundaries between jazz and other genres of music. ABERCROMBIE e's touring trio with MARK JOHNSON and PETER ERSKINE is to be heard on 'Current Events', 'Getting There' (with now frequent guest MICHAEL BRECKER) and JOHN ABERCROMBIE/MARC JOHNSON/PETER ERSKINE. 'On Current Events', released in 1988, JOHN used guitar synthesizer for the first time on record. 'John Abercrombie/Marc Johnson/Peter Erskine', released in 1989, was recorded in Boston on April 21, 1988. On 'Animato' (1989), ABERCROMBIE collaborated with composer/synthesist, VINCE MENDOZA and drummer JOHN CHRISTENSEN, and presents eight original compositions.

Since the 1992 recording 'While We're Young' with organist DAN WALL and drummer ADAM NUSSBAUM, ABERCROMBIE continued to work with the trio releasing 'Speak of the Devil' (1993) and 'Tactics'(1997). On his more recent album 'Open Land', the trio was joined by violinist MARK FELDMAN (a regular in both the modern jazz and jazz rock scene), trumpeter/flugelhornist KENNY WHEELER and tenor saxophonist JOE LOVANO. An excellent compilation of his recording selected by ABERCROMBIE is found on the 2004 ECM release 'Rarum: Selected Recordings'.

JOHN ABERCROMBIE continues to work as a important jazz and jazz rock guitarist, and be prepared to be surprised at the originally of his next release.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

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