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Hello All!

Залит Syndone/(2018)_Mysoginia

Новое и очень достойное имя у нас на сервере. Взял наугад и не пожалел. Как выяснилось, эта итальянская прогрессив-рок-группа была создана ещё 80-е годы прошлого века. Впрочем, 70-80-е годы была расцветом для РПИ, и группы росли, как грибы после дождя.
Это - ОЧЕНЬ красивый и ОЧЕНЬ качественный итальянский симфо-прог.
Я пока ничего больше у них не слышал, но этот альбом... представьте рок-группу, с полным симфоническим оркестром и "оперным" вокалом. Ну, вот. Только не путать с Найтвиш. Тут металла нет и впомине.
Концептуальный альбом, концепцию не очень понял по причине слабого знания итальянского, а текстов у меня нет. Энивей,

(c) Syndone biography, PA

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1989 - Still active as of 2018

Nico (Nik) Comoglio born on 28/11/62 (Turin, Italy) was graduated as architect but at the same time privately studied piano and composition. Still in University he created several jingles for ads and soundtracks for two semi-professional movies.

From 1990 to 1993, he formed the new prog band, "Syndone" ("Shroud"), with whom he recorded two CD's: "Spleen" and "Inca", produced by Beppe Crovella from "Arti & Mestieri" band, for the music label Vinyl Magic s.a.s. in Milano. Two other members were Paolo Sburlati- drums, and Fulvio Serra- bass.

Spleen - 1992

This CD is the story of a young man (Kiin) who experiences spleen (sad mood) everyday because of his inability to adapt to society and to the rules it imposes on him. It's a bit like the young boy of Pascoli's poetry: pure, perennially a child, suffering because reality is too hard for him.

The pettiness and the violence of the world, the total submission to a materialistic and oppressive father and the gradual loss of all the values he believes in projects Kiin into a parallel world of music; in fact, it will be through music and inspiration - personified by a young woman (Marianne) - that he will rediscover his values and the strength to begin to live again.

The music is based on vintage 70-s keyboards and all sound is similar to classic RPI of that time. Tony Seffusatti (accordion), Patrizia Caramazza (voc), Alessandra Piovera (voc.) were participated in album recording.

Inca - 1993

The second - and final - album of the group Syndone , Inca is definitely the one which comes closest to the acoustics and the progressive rock composition style of the 1970's. Inca isn't a concept album like Spleen, but brings independent, seemingly unrelated pieces together. The only unifying element is a more or less deliberate celebration of the indigenous South American civilization, its rituals and its holocaust.

On Inca, keyboardist Edo Rogani (ex- Empire) joins the original trio of Syndone. Brought in as support during live performances, he's become an integral part of the group and bring in sound characteristic dual keyboards attacks. Hammond, Moog and other keyboards built ELP - like atmosphere with slight jazzy arrangements, not-too-complex compositions and often bombastic vocals.

Later Nik disbanded the group, spend some time playing with blues musicians in London, and established own studio in Turin where he is recording music for adds, theatre, movies, and even solo album.

Line-up / Musicians

- Riccardo Ruggeri / vocals, Vocoder
- Nik Comoglio / keyboards, Hammond, Minimoog, Roland Juno synth, composer, orchestration, producer
- Gigi Rivetti / acoustic & electric pianos, Minimoog & clavinet (8)
- Maurino Dellacqua / bass, Taurus pedals
- Martino Malacrida / drums
- Marta Caldara / vibraphone, xylophone, percussion, composer

- Luigi Picatto / clarinet (3)
- Luigi Finetto / oboe (3)
- Vittorio De Scalzi / flute (3,5)
- Viola Nocenzi / vocals (5)
- Luigi Venegoni / electric guitar (8)
- Cecilia Bacci / violin (8,9)
- Coro dei Piccoli Cantori di Torino / chorus vocals
- Carlo Pavese / choir conductor
- Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra
- Francesco Zago / conductor

(c) Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother, PA

Notable Italian group Syndone, founded by Nik Comoglio, formed in the very early Nineties, with an expanded line-up delivering a selection of constantly more ambitious symphonic works since that time, 2014's 'Odysseas' being their first showing of true greatness. While their latest 'Mysogonia' is not a concept album as such, the nine pieces all share a mutual branching theme of women, in some cases the songs highlighting the way love, lust, obsession, depression, jealousy in themselves and suspicion from others affect their lives, and Syndone's keyboard-dominated music, often heavily influenced by legendary British rock group Queen, is presented in conjunction with a multi-piece orchestra here. The words alternate between Italian and English in the vocals, not a feat that often turns out well from Italian prog acts attempting a worldwide crossover appeal, but fortunately we have an incredibly talented group of performers here that pull it off far more successfully than numerous others have.

Opening instrumental 'Medea' instantly grabs attention with its dramatic and eclectic mix of sounds. Gigi Rivetti's pristine piano is quickly met with sweeping orchestration weaving in and out, the piece picking up in tempo as it's blasted with Maurino Dellacqua's murmuring bass, Marta Caldara's busy percussion and sparkling electric piano all laced with a jazz-fusion fire and manic avant-garde daring. What a peppy and energetic introduction this is, reminding of the ambitious fusion of strings and rock music that legendary Seventies Italian progressive acts such as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Latte e Miele and the New Trolls all implemented on various albums!

For the first song piece here, 'Red Shoes' controversially offers an English lyric, although thankfully Ricarrdo Ruggeri still delivers all the proper Italian passion and theatrical flair in his wild vocal! It's a punchy rocker that's really an ode to freedom and love, pumped full of Nik Comoglio's scratchy Hammond organ, whirring Minimoog and sultry slivers of strings. 'Caterina' begins as a sombre gothic piano-led ballad with a mournful vocal and confronting lyric about an innocent woman convicted of witchcraft in 1617 before ultimately turning defiant with all manner of spiralling keyboard colour (lovely flute contributions from New Trolls member Vittorio De Scalzi throughout this one too).

'12 Minuti' is a hilariously melodramatic and comical prance about a female serial killer with a swooning vocal and playfully quirky instrumental backing that dials the early Seventies Queen influences right up, and 'Evelyn' is an overwhelming ballad detailing a suicide, the piece laced with so many reflective little details and lifted high by guest vocalist Viola Nocenzi soulfully crooning alongside Riccardo. The title track 'Mysoginia' races with aggressive Hammond organ, grumbling bass and Martino Malacrida's smashing drum attacks with deliriously frantic break-neck runs of keyboard fury behind a female-fronted choir, and 'Women' is a strident mid-tempo English-sung melodic rocker that somewhat reminds of English pop-proggers Muse in its more anthem-like moments but with an added retro Seventies keyboard-overload touch.

Queen fans will notice that much of the vocal and instrumental melody of 'No Sin' seems lifted from 'The White Queen (As It Began)' off their 'Queen II' album from 1974, but there's such a tender affection to Riccardo's romantic vocal (he probably sets the standard for English sung on an Italian prog disc on this track), and there's some great extended passages of jazzy soloing from all the players throughout the remainder of the piece (with guest guitarist Gigi Venegoni really standing out here). Two-part closer 'Amalia' begins as a classically inspired instrumental of elegant violin, heartbreaking piano and evocative string swells, but ultimately it becomes a gloriously warm and embracing farewell ballad.

Once again, Syndone has released a vibrant, dramatic and endlessly lavish symphonic work in 'Mysogonia', and its mix of first-rate musicianship, unpredictable arrangements, thoughtful lyrics and charismatic vocals is endlessly captivating. Fortunately the dual languages do not detract from the album in this instance, and the disc not only proves that there's a damn good reason why Syndone is one of the most highly regarded Italian prog groups currently active, but it proves to be one of the most exciting and luxurious discs from that country of 2018.

(note - Syndone offering both English and Italian lyric translations in the CD booklet is to be highly commended, as it's a great way to welcome intimidated newcomers to Italian progressive music, and it's something more Italian bands should consider doing in the future!)

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

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