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Hello All!

Залиты диски Cyberiam:

Существующая на настоящий момент дискография Кибериама.
Молодая прог-металлическая группа из США.
Весьма неплохо, такая помесь из Дрим Театра и Спокс Берд.
Дебютный альбом весьма неплох, хотя всё время возникает чувство, что чего-то не хватает.
Второй диск ещё интереснее, но Театра становится всё меньше, а Спокса всё больше.
Не уверен, что такое развитие группы мне нравится, но так или иначе видно, что они не стоят на месте и как-то развиваются. Будем следить.

(c) The Cyberiam biography, PA
Founded in Chicago, USA in 2018

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock/metal band from Chicago with experienced and talented musicians. Keith SAMPLE on guitar and Vocals, Brian KOVACS on Bass Guitar and vocals, Tommy MURRAY on drums and percussion and Frank LUCAS on keyboards. The debut album was released Feb 2nd, 2018. The music is influenced by classic rock, alternative rock, prog rock and prog metal with catchy melodies.

(c) Review by Windhawk, PA

US band THE CYBERIAM is a fairly new band to the progressive rock scene. From what I can find of information the band started out a couple of years ago, operating out from their home base of Chicago, Illinois. "The Cyberiam" is also the name for their debut album, which was self-released at the start of 2018. I understand the album was also released through Australian label Melodic Rock Records.

For those who know, love and treasure the bands that have chosen to explore music on the borders between progressive rock and progressive metal, The Cyberiam is another band they can safely add to their list of artists that merits a check. A touch of Spock's Beard, a seasoning of Dream Theater and a sparkling of Porcupine Tree combined into a compelling and accessible whole. A good debut album with promise of more and perhaps even better things to come.

(c) Review by Rivertree, PA

Summer 2021 sees the sophomore full-fledged album produced by that Chicago based CYBERIAM quartet. While considering cover art, song titles, and lyrics this in fact is showcasing a concept dealing with contemporary human connectivity concerning artificial intelligence, cyberspace, cosmic travels, and so on. And of course everything was deeply influenced by COVID-19 pandemic experiences, which has changed a lot. Anyhow, that didn't hurt in any way, in this case. Keith Semple (guitar) and Brian Kovacs (bass) are fronting this outfit, both responsible for the vocal task too. Eh, recognition value somehow during the first listening session. Ted Leonard guesting? Well, the singing voice on the opening song Interrogation Room B, I ultimately had to check the liner notes. No, he's not, it's Keith Semple I would assume. Just to forward my loose impressions, not that I have a problem with this specialty anyway.

Top-notch compositions and exorbitant musicianship. This album is a treasure! Heavy progressive rock fans are easily connected here, especially when you're keen on Rush, Enchant and Porcupine Tree inspired stuff. Just let me highlight the energetic hard-hitting In SaN1tY as one proper example. Followed by the heartfelt ballad Be Connected. Nothing so-so here, 'Connected' turns out to be a rounded album, because each and every particular track convinces me. Nevertheless I have to reveal my definite album masterpiece now. It's Sunset On Mars coming with perfectly incorporated astronaut speech. Definitely also something for sophisticated heavy space rock aficionados. So much talent in place, stay on track guys. I'm quite sure sooner or later there will come more exciting stuff from this band.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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