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Homunculus Res

От Michael Baryshnikov (2:5023/24.3243) к All

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Hello All!

Залит Homunculus_Res/(2020)_Andiamo_In_Giro_Di_Notte_E_Ci_Consumiamo_Nel_Fuoco

Очередной диск Гомункулуса с трогательным названием "Мы ходим ночью и сжигаем себя в огне".
В принципе, тот же кантерберри, что и раньше, но тенденция к коротким зарисовкам, которая проявиласть в предыдущем альбоме, выражена здесь ещё сильней: весь альбом состоит из коротких зарисовок. Да, красиво, да, мелодично, но общая концепция альбома себя никик не проявляет, и создаётся неприятное ощщущение "лоскутного одеяла".
Группа всё дальше уходит от стиля первого альбома, и мне это не очень нравится.
А так - всё красиво, мелодично итд итп.

(c) Review by BrufordFreak, PA

My wife and I just sold our farm (happy/sad). We just returned from two days of cleaning out and driving to storage the family valuables (happy/sad). But then I opened up my computer after a couple days of absence to find that one of my favorite bands of the 21st Century had released its new album--on my mother's 85th birthday (happy/HAPPY). AUTO-BUY! I have to report that the band has (finally) returned to the (full) form of sophisticated Canterbury quirk of their 2011 debut> I am SO HAPPY to be listening to this beautiful yet happy music-especially in these COVID times. Thank you, Dario & company! And thank you for releasing your album on my mother's 85 birthday! It will always make this album feel so special--like it was just for me.

Full, more detailed review in the days to come (as I will, no doubt, be listening to this album non-stop throughout the weekend). The PERFECT SUMMER ALBUM! If you want happy, melodic music to play on your days by the water, I could not think of a better one than this.

1. "Lucciole per Lanterne" (4.54) Canterbury and Homunculus Res perfection! (10/10) 2. "Il Carrozzone" (3:42) Two in a row! Different lead vocalist. (10/10) 3. "Buco Nero" (6:44) odd tempoed rhythm jazz guitar chord play opens this song before singer joins in. Nice vocal melody (in the best of HR tradition). Fun when Steely Dan-like quirky synth joins in during second verse to noodle alongside the vocalist. Cool, intricate weave that is brought together perfectly by the vocal. Electric guitar solo in the instrumental sections sounds so much like Jeff "Skunk" Baxter-era of Steely Dan! Slow down section in final third sounds so much like classic STEREOLAB (even with the banjo). (8.75/10) 4. "Supermercato" (6:21) after a rather banal opening lyrical half, the music goes chamber instrumental with full complement of strings. Very interesting for HR! (8.75/10) 5. "La Spia" (4:36) (8.75/10) 6. "La Salamandra" (6:25) (9/10) 7. "In Girum" (3:37) sounds more like The Winstons' debut album (and, therefore, Matching Mole/Robert Wyatt). (8.5/10) 8. "La Luccicanza" (4:27) (8.75/10) 9. "Tetraktys" (3:33) (8.75/10) 10. "Non Dire No" (3:45) opens as if a teacher/parent singing to (or for) children. When flute supplants vocal it becomes more rich and though still community feeling. Cool, different song. (9.25/10)

The album starts out on a real high with the first two fast-paced joy-fests, but then then tempos settle into the middle inviting the listener to tune in more carefully to hear the clever and quirky nuances that the band throws in.

P.S. How could ANYONE call this music anything but Canterbury???!!!! This is NOT a RPI band!

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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