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Hello All!

Залиты Shamblemaths/(2016)_Shamblemaths

Дебютный диск Путаницы - молодого норвежского прогрессив-рок-дуэта.
Ну, некая путаница действительно присутствует.
3 (три) трека, три сюиты на 56 минут. Задумано с размахом. Насколько это получилось, судить вам.
Использованные стили: чамбер-рок, РИО, прог-металл, симфо-прог.
Навеянные аналоги: Юниверс Зеро, Магма, ВДГГ.
Интересно, но как-то я не уверен. Энивей,

(c) Shamblemaths biography, PA

SHAMBLEMATHS is the new project by Norwegian duo Simen A. ELLNGSEN and Eirik M. HUSUM. This band is actually a direct contiuation of their first collaboration as a duo formed in their student days in 2004 under the name Fallen Fowl. That collaboration actually started as a side project to the band TiaC that was active in the early 2000, the song "Stalker" from the new album is actually a TiaC song that was never recorded. A couple of demos and an EP were recorded under Fallen Fowl before a hiatus ensued when ELLINGSEN moved to London to complete his studies.

Now they've returned as SHAMBLEMATHS with an edgier sound and approach, adding more influences from Magma, Univers Zero and Egg. The band plays an eclectic mix of countless styles and the music is pretty much all over the place, exploring both melodic and quirky areas. Their self titled album was released in the spring of 2016 featuring guests musicians, most prominently Eirik Overland Dischler on keyboards and Jon Even Scharer on drums. HUSUM is playing bass and ELLINGSEN is playing guitars, saxophones and also handles the vocals.

(c) Review by Mellotron Storm, PA

SHAMBLEMATHS is the project of Norwegian duo Simen Ellingsen and Eirik Husum plus we get about nine guests helping out. This is one of those albums that I really think has something for every Prog fan out there. This contains a lot of variety as well as excellent lyrics. We get three long suites spread out over the 56 minute length of this album. I like in the liner notes where the band thanks... "both our fans out there: we actually could have done all this without you. But thanks anyway." The vocals remind me a little bit of Roine Stolt. Yes humour and lights out playing are the bands strengths I'd say.

We start with the almost 27 minute suite "Conglomeration" which opens with piano that is promptly blown away by vocals and heaviness. Check out the avant guitar work here reminding me of GARDEN WALL. The vocals here are shockingly Zeuhl-like all the way, I mean this is Zeuhl before 2 minutes. So good. Ripping guitar follows then a sax solo. Normal vocals after 3 1/2 minutes with strummed guitar as organ and bass join in. VDGG-like sax is back as the vocals stop as we get a killer instrumental section. A PORCUPINE TREE-like calm after 7 minutes as reserved vocals join in. It turns powerful again after 8 1/2 minutes. A calm with piano only at 12 1/2 minutes then reserved vocals join in. I like when the organ floats in replacing the vocals. Vocals are back at 14 1/2 minutes. Intricate guitar with piano after 15 minutes. Great sound 16 1/2 minutes in with that mellotron. Check out the guitar after 18 minutes. Oh my! And the bass too, then back to that intricate guitar as piano follows. The organ floats in again followed by mellotron and vocals. Another change before 21 minutes as the vocals return and the tempo picks up. Killer bass with drums and mellotron before 23 1/2 minutes. It's heavy before 25 minutes but it's brief. More amazing mellotron follows. Laid back vocals, guitar and sax end it.

"A Failing Ember" is the shortest song at just under 10 minutes. Strummed guitar and relaxed vocals to start but it builds quickly. It's fairly uplifting before 2 minutes then it kicks into gear as the vocals continue. Organ to the fore 3 minutes in then we get a really good instrumental section. It's pretty intense before 5 minutes then we get a calm. A bit of a hillbilly vibe(haha) after 6 minutes. A baby can be heard before 7 1/2 minutes, mellotron too. It kicks in majestically a minute later with vocals.

"Stalker" opens with strummed guitar and vocal melodies which reminds of MORTE MACABRE. It picks up and it's quite uplifting here as vocals and piano follow. It kicks in even more before 4 minutes. Nice. Contrasts continue and I love the organ 6 1/2 minutes in and the guitar ripping it up after 7 minutes. So good! Sax follows then more guitar but it's soaring this time. How amazing does this sound 10 1/2 minutes in, especially the drumming. A calm follows reminding me of MORTE MACABRE once again. Sax and a more powerful sound after 13 1/2 minutes, nice bass too. Another great section 16 1/2 minutes in with lots of energy and outstanding playing.

2016 Shamblemaths (sham001) / (Norway)
Progressive Rock

1. Conglomeration (or: The Grand Pathetic Suite). 26:54
a) Bloody Racket
b) Your Silly Stare
c) A Mockery in the Making
d) The Different Tastes of Sick
e) A Mockery Well Made
f) Life Is Tough (When You're Me)
g) Saucy Tiara Woman!
h) Another Pear of Ice
i) Con-girl Omen Ratio 1
j) Overture

2. A Failing Ember. 9:27
a) Never Innocent Again
b) The Winding Stair
c) Three Flowers
d) Deus Caritatis

3. Stalker. 19:55
a) Stalker begins
b) Bad Conscience Underneath Your Gown
c) Stalker: Persistance
d) Stalker's Lullaby
e) Stalker: The Harrowing
f) Stalker: Inevitable Anticlimax and Fade-Out

Total Time: 56:12

Simen Adnoy Ellingsen: Electric, acoustic and Spanish guitar, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones, vocals, zither, jaw harp, percussion, occasional keyboards, sundry implements.
Eirik Mathias Husom: Bass guitar

Eirik Overland DISCHLER: Keyboards
Jon Even SCHARER: Drums
Halvor LUND: Hammond organ
Colin HOWARTH: Tenor sax solo on 3c & 3d.
Karl Yngve LERVAG & Helene Hesselberg RENDAL: Choir on 1a (and 1j).
Marit Hoye ADNOY: Vocals on 3a.
Jan ROE: guitar parts on 3b (member of TiaC)
Eivor Adnoy ELLINGSEN: Baby vocals on 2e.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
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