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Quantum Fantay

От Michael Baryshnikov (2:5023/24.3243) к All

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Hello All!

Залит Quantum_Fantay/(2019)_Yemaya_Orisha

Совершенно случайно пропустил замечательный диск хорошо известных нам Квантум Фэнтей. Ну, вот - исправляюсь...
Отличный спейс-рок, я бы сказал, что от Оззриков уже мало чего осталось - группа их переросла.

Yemaya Orisha
Quantum Fantay
Psychedelic/Space Rock. 2019
(c) Review by prog_traveller!!, PA

Floating synths, shimmering guitars, sequencers, bubbling moogs and dripping mellotron, rumbling bass and driving drum. In addition, sometimes indefinable human sounds or voices acting in the background. Not to forget the oriental instruments and rhythms that appear every now and then. The Belgians Quantum Fantay are masters of spacerock. Modern space band in which the word "rock" is not forgotten. None of the "70's" variety. No dust, not a grain. It's a mixed bag with the psyche-space-rocking progressiveness of QUANTUM FANTAY. Again a lot of flutes, often harder rocking guitars, a lot of keyboard bombast, a lot of natural noises, a drum kit as a dynamic rhythm companion or pioneer, often repetitive, post-rock-increasing, space-like compositions, clear ethno Influences.

The title track Yemaya Orisha (Veautifull Mocean Pt1) brings lush keyboard arrangements and some powerful guitar solos. Charles Sla lays down some beautiful flute parts over Jaro's defined bass melodies. In the second part of the track; Mami Wata (Veautifull Mocean Pt2), you can hear the homage to perhaps the first real bubbling, mushroom consuming orientated space rock band Ozric Tentacles, but in my opinion Quantum Fantay have grown to much more than a space rock band and therefore is much more interesting. In addition to your classic space rock composition, the band brings a lot more elements of fusion and melodic rock, there is organic life in it and not just electronic, not just squeaking and bubbling art sounds.

Truly original applies to Quantum Fantay! SERRA DA ESTRELA flies so deep in space and explores new worlds in our (music) head. This is the soundtrack of the future. They flirt with some old sounds, but build a bridge to today with harder driving bass and drum, which trigger the impending apocalypse in the head, as well as soling guitars that give you the feeling of gliding along. Every now and then a flute to make the whole thing even more heavenly.

The music on the 8th album of the Belgians sometimes swells up and down, sometimes has a great groove, is sometimes gloomy with a dark atmosphere or lasciviously driving. There isn't much to invent in the genre of spacerock, but Quantum Fantay manage to release albums with great regularity that still surprise again and again.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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