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Hello All!

Залит Diagonal/(2021)_4

Как понятно из названия, четвёртый диск Диагонали.
По музыке ничего особо нового, но нового особо и не требуется.
Всё тот же мелодичный английский прог с уклоном в спейс. Длинные красивые композиции.

(c) Diagonal biography, PA
Formed in 2006 in Brighton, UK - On hiatus between 2013-2018

DIAGONAL surprisingly appears on the stage in 2008 like an insider's tip. This Brighton/UK-based band is consisting of seven musicians in the mid twenties who obviously have the preference on 1970s prog music.
Accompanied by a 7" production the eponymous debut album was released by the Rise Above Records label. The songs are full of references to wellknown prog dinosaurs but not getting dusty though. Based on a rich instrumentation and a sophisticated songwriting DIAGONAL is blending nearly all styles the genre has to offer. Far away from any mainstream this band is recommend to prog gourmets.

Eclectic Prog, 2021
(c) Review by Saimon, PA

It's normal to be surprised at how little known a record that deserves so much more recognition can be, but this... completely blew me away. 4, Diagonal's fourth release (a bit obvious), is an eclectic prog album that fuses instruments like saxophone, percussion and complements them with pleasant vocals and rhythms that transport us to the 60's (adding some psychedelia and groove along the way).

Throughout the whole album different and interesting rhythmic breaks can be noted. The excellent saxophone does not go unnoticed in most of the songs, with melodies as soft as they are delicious. We also find influences in R&B Funk and Soul, for example at the beginning of "Spinning", with that bass and drums of the style accompanying, which then passes to a choral voice that in my opinion, is excellent.

Certainly there is also an air of CAN style Kautrock that many will notice, this is noticeable on "Stellate". The album ends with "Totem", my favourite track on the album, and a dreamy arpeggio melody that is progressively complemented by an angelic choir, saxophones, tambourines, etc (adding a spectacular guitar solo in the last few minutes).

Amon: 5/5 Chroma 4/5 Spinning Array 5/5 Stellate 4/5 Totem 4.5/5

- Alex Crispin | Bass, Synthesiser, Electric Piano, Vocals
- Luke Foster | Drums, Percussion, Organ, Synthesiser, Vocals
- Ross Hossack | Synthesiser
- Daniel Pomlett | Guitar
- Nicholas Whittaker | Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Hulusi, Vocals
- David Wileman | Guitar

released October 1, 2021

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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