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Hello All!

Залит Anyone/(2021)_In_Humanity

Эниван - это проект английского мульти-инструменталиста и продюссера Риза Стори.
Риз изначально - барабанщик и, понятное дело, драмсы на этом диске занимают ведущее место.
Ну, а дальше он показывает всё, на что способен. Тут и джаз и рок и металл и даже кримсон.
На 10-м треке поёт Джон Дэвидсон - текущий вокалист Йес и Арки Жизни, больше ничем этот трек не выделяется.
В принципе, _со_второго_раза_ мне понравилось, но четкой концепции и общего направления у альбома нет, и это слегка раздражает. Энивей,

(c) Anyone biography, PA

ANYONE is the project of Riz STORY, composer, record producer, filmmaker, and multi-instrumentalist. In his fourth album In Humanity, the music has evolved into a higher progressive style. The album is conceived as a soundtrack and shows Riz exploring further the drums. ANYONE was formed by Riz STORY, along with Jon DAVISON (YES) and Taylor HAWKINS (FOO FIGHTERS) in the early 90's in Laguna Beach, California. Both of those musicians have been replaced in 2000, but Jon DAVISON is a guest vocalist in one track of the new album. The music still has that metal influence from the past but with a lot more variety from psychedelic, symphonic, jazz, and electronic.

In Humanity
Heavy Prog, 2021
(c) Review by rdtprog, PA

For someone who has just learned the drums, the man behind the band Riz Story makes sure you can hear his drums in the mix. on this album. He uses all his toms with some complex patterns. The bass also is up in the mix with plenty of keys/piano throughout the album. The melody is brought on another level with some excellent singing including the voice of Jon Davison on one track. The music relies more on building an intense atmosphere with a slow tempo, some dreamy and spacey passages along with short heavier outbursts and some post-rock elements. The singing tone reminds me a lot of Bono from U2 which is not a bad thing. The guitars are low profile but still present but have impressed me in the first track "Elations' which has some groovy parts. In the shorter song "The Pale Blue Dot", you can hear a Crimsonesque style go guitar with that huge bass sound. "Don't Swallow Tomorrow" has some Black Sabbath influences for the most part, but in the end the music here is unique and I am glad to have discovered this band or this Riz Story who has made a lot of music and has filled many roles not only on the world of music but also in the movies and poetry department.

WBR, Michael Baryshnikov.

--- wfido
* Origin: FidoNet aka 2:5020/35.323 (2:5023/24.3243)

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