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FTSC_PUBLIC: Выборы Администратора FTSC - предварительные результаты

От Vladimir Fyodorov (2:50/15.1) к All

В ответ на Заголовок предыдущего сообщения в треде (Имя Автора)

> Закончилось голосование на выборах Администратора FTSC. В нём приняло
> участие 8 из 14 имеющих право голоса сисопов. За Andrew Leary подано 4
> голоса, за Алексея Виссарионова - 3, Carol Shenkenberger получил один
> голос. Если результаты не будут оспорены никем из кандидатов или
> избирателей, то новым администратором FTSC станет Andrew Leary,
> 1:320/219.

> Ward Dossche высказал мнение, что тайна голосования была
> скомпрометирована, и поэтому требуется аннулировать результаты. Однако
> проводящий выборы Fred Riccio возразил, что это никак не повлияло на
> результаты; кроме того, Вард не имел на этих выборах права голоса и не
> может их опротестовать.

* From : Fred Riccio, 1:132/174 (09 Декабря 2018 19:03)
* Subj : FTSC Administrator - preliminary results

8 of 14 eligible voters cast their ballots.

Andrew Leary (4 votes)

Alexey Vissarionov (3 votes)

Carol Shenkenberger (1 vote)

The period to contest these results begins now
and ends Sunday, 16 December 2018 (20:00 UTC)


Any voter or candidate wishing to challenge the results may do so by sending
NetMail to the independent enumerator (Fred Riccio @ 1:132/174). No challenges
will be considered if received after the period specified above. The
independent enumerator will have the final say in any challenges of candidates
or votes. Upon expiration of the challenge period, the final results will be
posted in FTSC_PUBLIC, and FTA-1003 will be updated to reflect the final

* From : Fred Riccio, 1:132/174 (09 Декабря 2018 21:25)
* To : Ward Dossche
* Subj : Re: FTSC Administrator - preliminary results
WD> Are we also going to learn about the names of the voters without
WD> linking them to their vote?

I have no plans to do that, but if the eligible voters would like to declare if they voted or not, I will speak out if they say one thing and did the other.

WD> the secrecy of the voting has now been compromised and the
WD> logical result would be that it is totally invalid.

There was no promise (or mandate) of secrecy, confidentiality, or anonymity in the election rules.

Furthermore, although confidentiality was compromised, it happened *AFTER* the voting was closed and the votes had been tallied and does *NOT* affect the results.

The election is valid.

WD> One could say that I cannot complain because I was not a candidate
WD> nor a voter, and that is completely in line with the rules governing
WD> this election. However, as the indiscretion is to be attributed to
WD> the vote enumerator himself, he ought to excuse himself from ruling
WD> on this and declare this election a dud.

That is correct. Under the rules of this election you have no right to contest the results. I will not be excusing myself.

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* Origin: Esquire Station (2:50/15.1)

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