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FidoNews: Alexander von Obert предлагает использовать LoRa для Фидо

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Hi All,

I decided to forward the message (shown below) to you.

* Forwarded by Dmitriy Orlov (2:5090/958)
* Area : RU.FIDONET.DIGEST (Дайжест Фидо)
* From : Vladimir Fyodorov, 2:6035/3.1 (04 Jul 22 08:43)
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* Subj : FidoNews: Alexander von Obert предлагает использовать LoRa для Фидо
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> Alexander von Obert, 2:246/14, предложил использовать радиомодемы LoRa в
> качестве транспорта для Фидо.
емного подробнее про LoRa на хабре:


* From : FidoNews Robot, 2:2/2 (04 Июля 2022 01:53)
* Subj : FidoNews 39:27 [02/08]: Getting Fidonet Technical

Proposal: LoRa as a Transport Medium For FIDOnet
Alexander von Obert - 2:246/14 (from 1990, node until 2004)

From 1987, I hosted a BBS on an Amiga 1000. In 1990 I started a
FIDOnet node as a communication modem for technical writers, therefore
the name TechWriter's Home. In 2004 I had to switch to Internet
mailing lists as the spam through my UUCP connection got unbearable.
As it will become important later: Since 1973 I have been a radio
amateur, call sign DL4NO.

In recent years I have put much thought in emergency preparedness.
One of my concerns is a long, large-area power outage (blackout).
An immediate effect is that nearly all electronic communication stops.
Especially the civil society loses next to all means to send out
any information. Landline phones use VoIP which does not work when the
router is down. Cellphones might work until the batteries of the fixed
stations run out within a few hours.

Radio amateurs have helped in many disaster situations. But their
means are limited and the problems caused by power outages get more
and more common as our life gets more digital.

So why this article? There is a quite new, very robust but slow,
wireless communication technology that fits quite well with what I
still remember from my time in FIDOnet. Add that LoRa may be used in
unlicenzed ISM bands like 915 MHz, 868 MHz or 432 MHz.

How does all that add up? Volunteers might distribute BBS systems
consisting of a LoRa module, a Rasperry Pi and a solar power supply.
With the WLAN hotspot on the Raspi and a Web browser on their
smartphones, people in the disaster area can read local messages or
read/write private messages. All information is transmitted through
LoRa means to a hub. From there the mails are sent to other LoRa hubs
or to the Internet. Radio amateurs could even transmit them through
the geostationary satellite QO-100.

LoRa works for many miles with 100 mW of transmitter output power.
The data rate is about what I remember from the modems in the 1980s.
All LoRa communication systems I know of only send public messages
through a single channel.

I think FIDOnet technology could make a difference to this world.
Not only in disaster situations, but in many third-world countries.
This is much cheaper and quite simple to erect and maintain.

As far as I know LoRa systems use a virtual serial interface.
If someone writes an interface that can be controlled by the
infamous AT commands most modems used, not much changes might needed
on the technical FIDOnet side.

LoRa you can search as well as I can - I am no specialist on this
topic. If you wish to examine a working system, search for Meshtastic.
As a retired technical writer I could help with technical
documentation, but I am no native speaker. As a radio amateur I
could help on the radio frequency side. You can reach me as
dl4no (at) dl4no (dot) de.

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+ Origin: Esquire Station (2:6035/3.1)
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Hello All!

Прикольно! Я бы попробовал таким образом фидоху в прокинуть в гараж. Интересно на практике этот LoRa на каком железе использовался? Думается должны же быть какие-то готовые хардварные модемы?


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