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news and updates for public distributed computing projects

28 Aug 2009

* new, active Life Sciences project: [1]DrugDiscovery@Home is modeling "the
behavior of leading compounds that could be developed into new medicines"

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-lsciences.html#drugdiscovery

* new, active Cryptography project: [1]Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables is
decrypting the A5/1 algorithm used in GSM (Global System for Mobile
communications, used in 80% of the world's mobile phone markets) to
demonstrate the insecurity of the algorithm

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-crypto.html#a51rainbow

* [1]Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together completed Phase 1 on August 26, 2009,
and is preparing for Phase 2

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-lsciences.html#dengueathome

* [1]Galaxy Zoo submitted a new paper, "Galaxy Zoo: Dust in Spiral Galaxies,"
on August l7, to [2]Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The
paper studies reddening in spiral galaxies with various amounts of dust,
different-sized bulges and different inclinations.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#galaxyzoo
[2]: http://www.wiley.com/bw/journal.asp?ref=0035-8711

* [1]news article: The "Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together" reaches phase 2;
[2]Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together completed Phase 1 on August 28, 2009,
and is preparing for Phase 2

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090828
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-lsciences.html#dengueathome

* [1]news article: New project uses distributed computing to break GSM crypto;
an overview of the new [2]Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables project

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090828-2
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-crypto.html#a51rainbow

* [1]news article: Asian computers join forces against avian flu; the Avian
Flu DC2 Refinement project, which was run in March, 2009 on the
[2]EUAsiaGrid, tested 300,000 potential drug molecules against eight new
avian flu mutation targets

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090826
[2]: http://www.euasiagrid.org/

* [1]news article: Web of hope; a short overview of [2]BOINC and distributed
computing volunteers in Australia

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090826-2
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#boinc

* [1]news article: Cracking GSM phone crypto via distributed computing; an
overview of a new, open-source, distributed computing project, A5/1, to
crack the encryption used on GSM phones to publicize a weak encryption
scheme that is already being exploited

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090825

* [1]news article: Grid computing, the new commodity; the European [2]GridEcon
project has created a platform for buying and selling computing resources as
a utility

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090824
[2]: http://www.gridecon.eu/

* [1]news article: Henry Markham (the Project Director of the Blue Brain
project) Interview; an overview of the [2]Blue Brain project to study the
mammalian brain through simulation, and a possible upcoming distributed
computing project, the "Adopt a Neuron Project"

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090824-2
[2]: http://bluebrain.epfl.ch/

* [1]news article: Pupil hooks school up to search for aliens; an overview of
a New Zealand high school student's successful project to set up his
school's computers to participate in [2]SETI@home

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090821
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-science.html#setiathome

* [1]news article: Mining For The 'Prime' Jewels Of Numbers; an overview of
distributed computing projects searching for prime numbers, and of [2]GIMPS
in particular

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090410
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-math.html#GIMPS

19 Aug 2009

* new, active Cryptography project: [1]RSA Lattice Siever (2.0) is cracking
512-bit Operating System signing keys for Texas Instruments' programmable
calculators. Having these keys will allow calculator owners to have complete
control over their calculators and to install other operating systems on

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-crypto.html#rsalattice

* new (to this site), active Knowledge project: [1]OpenStreetMap is creating a
free, editable map of the whole world

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-knowledge.html#openstreetmap

* the English [1]Wikipedia reached 3 million articles on August 17. In 8
years, 10 million registered users have created 10 million articles and
completed 326 million edits for the English Wikipedia.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-knowledge.html#wikipedia

* [1]news article: Grid helps to filter LIGO's data; how the [2]Laser
Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) uses the [3]LIGO Data
Grid and [4]Open Science Grid to look for evidence of gravitational waves in
large amounts of data

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090819
[2]: http://www.ligo.org/
[3]: https://www.lsc-group.phys.uwm.edu/lscdatagrid/
[4]: http://www.opensciencegrid.org/

* [1]news article: SETI telescope array produces first science results; with
only 42 of its planned 350 radio telescope dishes installed so far, the
[2]Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is generating useful science results even as
it searches for alien radio signals

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090818
[2]: http://www.seti.org/ata

* [1]news article: English Wikipedia hits three million articles

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090817

* [1]news article: New heroes with a hard drive; a short overview of [2]BOINC
and distributed computing volunteers in Australia

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090816
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#boinc

* [1]news article: Hunt for Supernovae With Galaxy Zoo

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#090813

14 Aug 2009

* new, active Science project: [1]QMulus is researching artificial

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-science.html#qmulus

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