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news and updates for public distributed computing projects

25 Jun 2010

* [1]yoyo@home Euler (6,2,5) is complete as of June 8. Another Euler project
will begin soon. An Euler625 client application is available for Mac OSX as
of June 22

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-math.html#yoyoeuler625

* [1]Care2's Click to Help Haiti ended recently, collecting almost 600,000
clicks from over 195,000 participants

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/recent.html#haiti

* [1]news article: Astronomers Solve The Mystery of Hanny's Voorwerp;
astronomers have classified a mysterious object discovered by a [2]Galaxy
Zoo participant in 2007

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100624
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#galaxyzoo

* [1]news article: 7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars; students
participating in the [2]Mars Student Imaging Project discovered a cave or
"skylight" in an image from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. The project is open
to U.S. students from grade 5 through college sophomore level.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100621
[2]: http://msip.asu.edu/

* [1]news article: How your PC can help science: Help save the world, one
processor cycle at a time

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100613

* [1]news article: Can't build? You can observe; an overview of "citizen
science" projects and the new [2]Science for Citizens website which tracks
these projects

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100607
[2]: http://scienceforcitizens.net/

18 Jun 2010

* New (to this site) charity: [1]Plant an Oak is planting new oak trees in an
oak forest in France

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-charity.html#plantanoak

* New (to this site) charity: [1]Tree 4 Life is planting new trees in a
Brazilian rainforest

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-charity.html#tree4life

* [1]World Community Grid's [2]Help Conquer Cancer project has processed over
100 million images of 12,500 unique proteins, which may be related to
cancer, since 2007. These images were taken during 19.2 million experiments.
The project allows scientists to get results six times faster than with
traditional methods.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#wcg
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-lsciences.html#hcc

* [1]Distributed Proofreaders posted its 18,000th unique title to [2]Project
Gutenberg this month

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#proofreaders
[2]: http://gutenberg.org/

* [1]Care2's Healthy Smiles click-to-donate charity ended recently, with
almost 1 million clicks. The charity hopes to restart later this year.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/recent.html#healthysmiles

* [1]news article: IBM, Volunteers Help Locate Anti-Cancer Drugs

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100617

* [1]news article: Surplus PC Power Yields Faster Cancer Research: [2]World
Community Grid project automates tedious process to determine if protein
samples are ready for x-ray examination

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100615
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#wcg

* [1]news article: ViFiB wants you to host cloud computing at home: French
startup ViFiB thinks it can find a niche somewhere between Amazon Web
Services and [2]SETI@home

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100614
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-science.html#setiathome

28 May 2010

* new, active Distributed Human project: [1]Moon Zoo is using human volunteers
to identify and count craters in detailed images of the Moon to determine
the age of various locations on the moon's surface

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#moonzoo

* the [1]Grid 2010 conference will be held in [2]Dubna, Russia from June 28
through July 3

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/conferences.html#grid2010
[2]: http://wwwinfo.jinr.ru/dubna-e.htm

* [1]news article: A Better Rice for the World; an interview with Dr. Ram
Samudrala, the head of [2]World Community Grid's [3]Nutritious Rice for the
World project

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100519
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#wcg
[3]: http://distributedcomputing.info/recent.html#nutritiousrice

* [1]news article: Take a Virtual Moonwalk for Science; a podcast about the
new [2]Moon Zoo project

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100513
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#moonzoo

07 May 2010

* new, active Mathematics project: [1]yoyo@home Euler (6,2,5) is computing
minimal equal sums of power 6. The project has already found 3 solutions and
expects to find 29 more.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-math.html#yoyoeuler625

* new, active Cryptography project: [1]DNETC@HOME RC5 is a BOINC-based wrapper
for distributed.net's RC5 project. It is only for computers with GPUs
(graphics cards) supported by the distributed.net RC5 client.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-crypto.html#dnetcathomerc5

* new (to this site), active Distributed Human project: [1]Google Image
Labeler is creating labels for images to improve [2]Google's image search

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#googleimage
[2]: http://google.com/

* new, active Distributed Human project: [1]EVOKE asks participants to play a
10-week game to "come up with creative solutions to our most urgent social
problems." Season 1 of the project's game ends on May 12, but Season 2 will
begin soon.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#evoke

* new (to this site), active Distributed Human project: [1]YourMorals is
learning about project participants' "morality, ethics, and/or values" to
understand the way humans' "moral minds" work

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#yourmorals

* [1]Galaxy Zoo 2 completed 60 million classifications on April 11. This was
the project's goal.

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#galaxyzoo

* [1]GLOBE at Night collected 17,800 measurements of the brightness of the
night sky from 86 countries in March

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#globeatnight

* [1]news article: Today's Fast Company Assignment: Do Cancer Research in Your
Sleep; a short overview of [2]World Community Grid and some of its projects

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100428
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/platforms.html#wcg

* [1]news article: Fixing Reality with Online Games; an overview of [2]EVOKE

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/news.html#100324
[2]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-human.html#evoke

23 Apr 2010

* new Miscellaneous project: [1]distributedDataMining is performing "research
in the various fields of Data Analysis and Machine Learning." The project is
currently running a sub-project to "forecast economic time series such as
DAX and Dow Jones."

[1]: http://distributedcomputing.info/ap-misc.html#ddm

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