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Rules (English version)

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,Russian_Tutor,Learn Russian by example,Aleksej R Serdyukov,2:5020/1042.42,
,Russian_Tutor,Изучение русского языка,Aleksej R Serdyukov,2:5020/1042.42,
Внимание: pусский ваpиант данных пpавил - в отдельном сообщении.
NB! The Russian version of the rules is in a separate message.
The guide to configuring the Russian (Cyrillic) fonts and codepages is
in the third one.


Moderator: Aleksej R. Serdyukov, 2:5020/1042.42

Echo conference rules.
Version 0023 [2009-05-23T19:38Z]
This version goes into effect 36 hours since being published.
Until then, the previous published version is being used.

1. Subject
RUSSIAN_TUTOR echo conference is intended for conversations in
Russian language on miscellaneous subjects, discussing of the Russian
language rules and learning it. As distinct of other conferences, it is
allowed to point subscribers to their grammar, spelling and syntax

2. Conference language
The official languages of the echo conference are Russian and English.
Practical use of other languages is permitted when necessary, provided that
the addressee understands them.
Also allowed are: Esperanto.
Use Russian whenever possible.

3. Conference distribution
Distribution of the echo conference is allowed in the next networks:
FidoNet Zones 1-6 www.fidonet.org
For the issue of its distribution in other networks appeal to the

4. Unwanted activities
Forbidden activities are personal attacks, open and not open insults.
Because of that political talks are undesirable.
Distribution of illegal information is prohibited.
Use of obscene words is not worth it if it is not about their origins
in the language.
Discussion of these rules is permitted only in the context of a language
discussion. Use netmail or special echoes for other kinds of discussion of
these rules.

5. Technical requirements
It is desirable to put your real name into the "From:" field.
At the same time it is undesirable to use non-ASCII characters in that
field. If necessary, specify the correct spelling in the message body.
Quote the amount of text from the message you answer, that is needed
to understand your message. Remember that some people pay for phone
connection or for traffic.
Posting of UUE or MIME encoded data more than 2 sections per day, 4
sections per week, or 64 kibibytes per message is allowed only with a
(co)moderator's permission. The data posted must be in a free format.

6. Moderating
The moderator keeps the echo in order. The moderator has the right to
notify and disconnect any subscriber at his discretion, if he thinks
the subscriber interferes with the normal communication of other
subscribers and/or violates these rules.
The moderator can appoint assistants for himself, called comoderators.
A comoderator has the same authorities as the moderator, except for
appointing comoderators and changing these rules. At the same time,
the moderator's decisions have more weight than any comoderator's one.
If the moderator is absent for 3 months, one of the comoderators
becomes a temporary moderator by comoderators' agreement. If the
comoderators cannot agree, the one specified first in the rules
becomes the temporary moderator. At the same time, there can be
multiple temporary moderators - _one for each FidoNet zone_.
A temporary moderator cannot delete the name of the previous moderator from
the rules. If the moderator is absent for 1 year, and cannot be accessed
through netmail, the temporary moderator becomes the full-rights moderator.
If the previous moderator returns within a year since the temporary
moderator appointment, he can without elections become the moderator again.

The current moderator of RUSSIAN_TUTOR is
Aleksej R. Serdyukov 2:5020/1042.42@fidonet
Comoderators are:
Douglas Connor 1:132/500@fidonet
Anatoliy Kovalenko 2:5020/1042.46@fidonet
* Origin: Delete Software Limited, Moscow, Russia (2:5020/1042.42)

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