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От Michael Baryshnikov (2:5020/35.323) к All

В ответ на Заголовок предыдущего сообщения в треде (Имя Автора)

Hello, All!

Hе был на сабже, наверное, с пяток лет. Когда-то Квазар ББС объединяла огромное количество итальянских (и не только) пользователей ОС/2 и давала хостинг многим популярным программам. Каково же было мое изумление, когда вместо файл-арии я обнаружил (уже весьма несвежее, но, повторяю, давно не был) следующее объявление:

Why we closed QuasarBBS/eComStation.it eCS-OS/2 ftp repository?

First let me remind that this ftp repository was active since 1994 and it is
one of the most popular and software rich for eCS-OS/2 all over the world.

But, in the last period some disagreeable facts happened.

First of all, we received a threat of legal issue from Mr. J.B. since we were
hosting the file "os2chl.txt" on our repository (under \os2\info), this person
explained that he patented this simple ascii text file that just contains no
more that a list of eCS-OS/2 compatible hardware.

It's our *opinion* that a copyright or a patent on a text file with
os2-related hardware information in 2003 is just one of the most absurd things
ever heard (everyone knows that Os/2 only own a really small market niche nowadays)..

Anyway we first removed the file, then kindly asked that person to host an
*official* mirror (auto-mirrored by wget scripts each day) of that info-file,
as e.g. we do since about one year with the famous OS/2 Kiev-Elephant repository.

He denied...

But let's go on..

We were hosting the *official mirror* of the popular "OS/2-USB" website by
Mr. M.I. (Os2world.com) on our server. This mirror website had a lot of web-traffic and was good service to the eCS-OS2 Community of users since it was active also when os2world.com webserver was down, anyway we had a lot of visits on this site (as logs talks..).

When Mr. M.I. decided to integrate "Os2USB" website on Mr. J.B. "Os2warp.be" domain, he forced us to remove and close our official mirror of Os2USB...

It was serving well the eCS-OS2 Community of users..

But we have more..

Some days ago Mr. J.B. come into the IRC Network complaining about we were
hosting on our popular ftp repository the GenMac driver that is hosted on
"os2warp.be" website.

Again we asked to host an *official mirror*.
He denied again..


But let's go on again...

In the past year we had another threat of legal issue about a website (OS/2-related) that we host published a distribution (.wpi) archive that contained a *free* software for eCS-OS/2.

Now the epilogue..

Hosting a ftp repository of eCS-OS/2 related stuff is becoming a real and serious threat/problem, so that, with strong disappointment, we had to close it.

This is the eCS-OS/2 Community nowadays.
Take your own conclusions.

QuasarBBS/eComStation.it staff.
April, 2004

Мдя. Остается только повторить за уважаемым сисопом: "Вот такое оно - сегодняшнее ОС/2-сообщество..."

Rest begards...oh, sorry, best regards, Michael

... Who's that General Failure and why's he reading my C-disk?!?

--- (c)2010 Isaak GoldED+/EMX, send $1.1.5-30407 for original master text.
* Origin: Blinnafig.grp (2:5020/35.323)

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